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The business world is in a state of dynamic change. Leaders can expect disruption to affect entire industry sectors at an increasing rate. To stay relevant and competitive, businesses must evolve and shift workplace behaviours that are preventing growth and increasing risk.

It has never been more important to reduce risk, support business sustainability and manage the triple bottom line by having a resilient and mentally healthy workforce. Sustainable businesses based on an agile, optimistic and high-performing workforce are those that are equipped to face and embrace change.

Change Ready brings to individuals, teams and organisations the evidence-based practical skills and measurable tools that cut through the complexity and uncertainty of change and deliver tangible, immediate and positive impacts.

We do this by providing consulting advice, facilitating workshops and training programs, coaching/mentoring, strength profiling and keynote speaking to equip organisations, teams and individuals to be ready for change.

Simon Rountree is the founder of Change Ready and a recognised expert in change leadership. He has partnered with many organisations across the corporate, government and not-for-profit sector to improve business outcomes and help equip people with the skills and tools to become mentally strong and resilient. Simon understands that creating optimistic and resilient mindsets leads not only to improved staff engagement and communication but also to innovation and sustainable growth. Positive mindsets are also linked to reducing risk, sick leave, workers compensation claims and turnover.

As an early adopter of practices to create mentally healthy workplaces, Simon took Camp Quality from financial difficulty, servicing a few thousand children, to become Australia’s most trusted children’s charity, providing cancer support to over 250,000 children each year. In future-proofing the business, he moved its people through a volatile, uncertain, competitive and complex period to achieve a unique organisational culture built around resilience, optimism, engagement and change ready behaviours.

Simon has qualifications in management, positive psychology and coaching, together with real-world leadership experience of applying these methods in organisations. He is uniquely equipped to build productive workplaces and provide organisations with the skills and tools to empower their people to grow during change so that they feel engaged, connected and contribute to organisational success.

Simon is a sought-after keynote speaker. He has featured in numerous publications and has authored two books. His second book (Build The Person You Want To Be) is available now through Exisle Publishing.

Simon supports organisations to improve business outcomes and reduce risk through high-performing teams that are agile, resilient and change ready.

CHANGE READY – Building resilient workplaces.


At Change Ready we value:


We are true to ourselves and practise what we teach


Change Agent:

We value change as an opportunity for growth and we help others to do the same



We look for ways to grow and develop ourselves and others



We work with you to develop the solution that best meets your needs


Work Ethic:

We work hard to achieve high standards and to be the best we can