Businesses today face more challenges than at any other time. They must deal with rapidly changing markets, technologies and workforces, increased financial and legal scrutiny, uncertainty, volatility, ambiguity and more. This environment places great pressures on the organisation and its staff.

Managers and business owners who feel that they can handle these challenges by treating them as a single entity often lead themselves and others to poorer decision making, disruptive communications and weakening engagement - resulting in lost opportunities across human and financial resources.

A Harvard Business Review journal (Primer on Personal Development, 2016) stated that a leader’s effectiveness, no matter what the complexity of the environment they are in, is strongly related to how others see them. Improving as a leader was strongly linked to building skills and traits that reinforced practices associated with emotional intelligence, strengths and cognitive science, in order for leaders to manage their emotions as well as the emotions of others around them.

Using an evidence based approach to systems thinking (examining the links and interactions making up your business and your challenges), self-awareness (understanding you and your motives), and business competence (how you communicate, express and interact within the business and its culture), Simon’s coaching principles are centred on the following:


Engagement and alignment to the process.
(Commitment to the process and clarity of purpose)


Outcome focused (Goal orientated)


Honesty (Being open to be challenged, transparent with the process, confidential and having a clear match of capability and values)


Growth (Providing life skills and practices that are sustainable beyond the coaching period and having regular reviews on how the coaching is proceeding)

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Reasons For Coaching

  • Broadening your skills base to lead others and manage change

  • Deliver business excellence to create a sustainable future

  • Empower people to be accountable and take responsibility

  • Drive engagement and performance

  • Develop strengths and identify development opportunities


  • Goal setting

  • Full workplace debrief

  • Strengths development profile with personalised feedback

  • One-hour coaching sessions are spread over a weekly, fortnightly or monthly period

  • Personal development plan and monitoring execution

  • Unlimited email/phone support