Become Change Ready

Today’s business world is volatile, uncertain and complex. Many organisations are dealing with disruption at a rate never experienced before.

Whether your business is looking to be more efficient or innovative, to become a leader in its field, or is restructuring or expanding, the pace of change and the resources required will often place staff under great pressure and the business at risk. This can often result in adverse behaviours that lead to increased staff turnover, sick leave and workers compensation claims, low engagement, and falling revenue.

While organisations understand that they can no longer predict the next disruption, they can prepare and protect themselves by providing their staff with the skills and tools to be resilient, agile and adaptive to change.

The Become Change Ready programs use evidence-based and quantitative tools from the areas of cognitive science, affect science (study of emotion), neuroscience, organisational studies and positive psychology to provide participants with practical skills to deal with change and build resilience.

Each program is tailored to meet your needs. Our programs can be delivered in two-hour workshops, lunch-and-learn sessions, half-day or full-day workshops or a blended format over several weeks. Depending on your needs, the following topics can be presented individually or in any combination.


C – Change

H – Habits

A – Approach

N – Noticing

G – Grit

E – Emotional Intelligence



Changing behaviour is a self-engineering challenge with few equals. Making long-term, sustainable change is often very difficult. Whether it involves change within the workplace, at home or in the community, making change stick is challenging for most people, due to factors that include:

• negative emotions;
• lack of planning;
• poor information or communication; and
• lack of the necessary tools to make the change.

This program provides participants with the practical tools and techniques to build change positive behaviours that enable individuals and organisation to flourish.



Changing habits is difficult and most people and organisations let ingrained habits rule them and take them down a path that over time will result in a repetition of the same unsatisfactory result.

Studies show how the new brain science of habit can be harnessed to benefit your business and how you can transform individuals, teams and entire organisations to become more productive, engaged, efficient and innovative.

This program provides participants with the practical tools to understand why habits emerge, how they change, the science behind their mechanics of change and how we can reshape them to improve productivity, increase focus and boost motivation.



Our approach to change is directly linked to and driven by our attitude.

The 2017 report by Gallup on employee engagement shows that, without a positive approach to change, up to 63% of the workforce are disengaged and a further 24% actively sabotage their organisation.

By using the latest evidence-based tools and techniques to build skills that increase optimism and resilience, individuals and teams can learn to approach change from a perspective of growth, opportunity and expansion.

This program provides participants with the skills to approach challenges with greater composure, efficacy and emotional intelligence.



When dealing with change, we are often distracted, overloaded, unsure and stressed.

By learning the skills to be more aware of what’s going on around us and the impact our thoughts and feelings have on us and others, we can train ourselves to become more mindful. Mindfulness allows us to assess and respond to situations in a more controlled manner and develop clearer thinking and memory recall. It also reduces procrastination, anxiety and stress.

This program provides participants with the skills to manage uncertainty and change through improved cognitive capacity and greater emotional control.





Research shows that ‘grit’ is more important for success than talent or intelligence. Grit is a positive attribute that is based on an individual’s passion and perseverance to achieve long-term and meaningful goals. Grit is often the missing ingredient in elevating your business, building resilience and increasing productivity. It’s the ability to persist in something you feel passionate about and persevere when you face obstacles.

Gritty people and businesses fulfil their potential even in the face of adversity and tend to see change and challenges as opportunities for growth and renewal.

This program provides participants with the skills and tools to build resilience, maintain high motivation and determination over long periods and grow despite the challenges and changes they face.


Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI or sometimes EQ - emotional quotient) is a skill set that helps us to identify and manage our own emotions and the emotions of others. Collectively, EI skills help us make intelligent responses to, and use of, emotions. These skills are as important as our intellect (IQ) in dealing with challenges and change and determining success in work and life.

Studies show that people who are highly emotionally intelligent can use their skills to build trust, rapport and team work; resolve conflict, manage stress and create collaborative, growth-oriented workplaces.

This program provides participants with the skills and tools to use EI to better prepare themselves and others for change, and to use challenges as opportunities to maximise communication and increase learning, efficiency and growth.

Custom-Built Inhouse Programs

Sometimes, an off-the-shelf program simply won’t cater for your unique situation or circumstances. With this in mind we deliver programs for businesses of all sizes and people at all levels that can be tailored to your needs and goals. All materials created for these programs are yours to keep and to use as you wish. These programs can be built around your preferred time frame; 60-90 minute keynote presentations, two-hour workshop, a half-day or full-day workshop or workshops over several days.

Some of these programs include:

Positive Leadership

Every leader wants their team to perform at their best, to be as productive as possible and to attract and keep the best people. Research confirms that positive leadership creates happy workers, and happy workers are productive workers which leads to strong business results. Based on the latest research in organisational studies, sociology and positive psychology and delivered with simple and practical tools that can be applied immediately, this program provides participants with skills to:

  • build positive leadership to increase engagement, trust, collaboration and communication;

  • create a growth mindset; and

  • use strengths to mobilise the workforce.

Who should attend? Executives, leaders, aspiring leaders, managers and anyone who wants to achieve sustainable success by understanding the science and practice of positive leadership.


Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Emotional Intelligence (EI), is all about personal mastery of yourself and how you manage people around you. Those with strong levels of EI focus on behaviours that matter, adopting the appropriate behaviour for the situation, to add value to their people and the business.

Using a range of skills and techniques this program introduces ways to:

  • harness emotions to enhance decision-making, improve adverse behaviours and facilitate high performance;

  • manage pressure and stress; and

  • build stronger relationships.

Who should attend? Executives, leaders, aspiring leaders, managers and anyone who wants a strong understanding of the science and practice of emotional intelligence to support greater engagement as well as sustainable growth in themselves and others.


Team Building

An increasing number of organisations are relying on teams to be more efficient, effective, creative and resilient.

A team’s effectiveness is enhanced by its commitment and attitude to the task at hand and its use of strengths to overcome challenges and adversities without becoming derailed.

Using a range of skills and techniques, this program provides:

  • strategies to build team unity;

  • problem-solving skills;

  • how to use strengths to create innovation; and

  • how to build resilience to deal with disruption.

Who should attend? Business owners, executives, leaders, aspiring leaders, managers and anyone who wants to create high-performing teams by understanding the science and practices of building engaged and connected teams.

Building Culture

The research is unequivocal – organisations with a great culture have highly engaged staff and effective leaders, outperforming their competitors on a regular basis. High levels of engagement are strongly linked to productivity, improved safety, innovation and greater customer service.

This program provides participants with the knowledge and tools to:

  • build a engaged culture;

  • create a resilient workforce; and

  • bring values and symbols to life in order to create behavioural change and cultural alignment.

Who should attend? Business owners, executives, leaders, aspiring leaders, managers and anyone who wants to understand the science and practices to develop a values-based culture.